I Wear Camer!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

img_7954This has got to be the most promised post ever. My Cameroonian flag shoot! If you know the colors of the flag then you will understand the title of this blog post; green, red, yellow! I just couldn’t find time to upload these pictures for you all. This was shot about two months ago and only today did I finally have time to put them up. I just love the way the shoot turned out. This two piece is the most sought after of all Zara items I have ever come across. I think almost all fashion bloggers I know had this two piece or the pants at least. Now you see why! Aren’t they too gorgeous not to own? In May, I had this on for our 20th of May party and it felt just right to have it later on the blog when the weather became warmer. You know the clutch bucket bag is my all time favorite bag. 

Hope you do enjoy the shoot as I did? Smiles, smiles and more smiles for you all. Wishing you a lovely and fun weekend. The only day I do not work is Sunday and I cherish my Sundays so much. It has become my resting day as stated by the Holy Book….

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(Two piece is from ZARA including necklace, Bucket Bag from Charles&Keith, shoes from ALDO)


A StanLion Affair!

img_7936Hello MaMichoux Friends,

How are you doing today? Happy Sunday to you all and hoping you all who follow my blog are in good health. Today our blog post is a special one.

Today I am celebrating a brother and a friend by wearing one of his designs. This long T-shirt I am rocking here is by a fellow Cameroonian brother based in the USA. The quality is super great and the the fit is awesome. When I received it in the mail I was in awe of it’s quality and design. It’s a unisex top so can be worn by both male and female. So you and your babe can totally go out looking unique and dapper. Links to buy yours will be at the bottom of this post so just scroll to the bottom. Thank you Stanley for this amazing shirt and it’s my pleasure to wear it. I’m in love with it. Bravo to you and your Stanlion team.

I chose to go all black on this one. I’m encouraging all my fellow designers to promote their brands by using fashion bloggers like us. We can all use our platforms to promote one another. All the negativity won’t help help anyone. I won’t hesitate to wear your designs if you can get them to me. Contact me via any of my social media links. I believe in team work and supporting each other grow. One can’t win by working alone.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below and drop a comment by clicking on the “Leave a Comment” tab at the top of this post. I love reading from you all. Like and share with your friends using the social media links at the bottom of the post. Links to shoes, bag, earrings and pants at the bottom. Much love and always remember to keep the smiles.


What I’m wearing……

Stanlion T-shirt, Christian Louboutin Suede Pumps, Tory Burch Bag.

Zara faux leather pants, Zara Earrings.

Happy Birthday MaMichoux!


Hello MaMichoux Friends, 

It’s a marvelous and exciting new day, and guess whose birthday it is today? Yeah it’s my birthday! September my month of celebrations and happiness is finally here. My mother made me be here. For that I am forever thankful. Thank you mommy for bringing me into this world on this day September 5th. Offering your body and your health to have me. Mothers are GOLD! Cherish and adore them while you have them. To celebrate I have a new post up for you all. We had this shoot a while back but I haven’t had time to put it up, so today I said why not. Looks perfect for a birthday shoot. The sun was shining bright and I was all smiles. So it’s time for you all to wish your favorite fashion blogger a happy and joyful new year.

img_7618 All I wish for is good health really. Because with a stable mind and body one can achieve anything. As I always put it health is wealth! It’s been a very difficult and stressful year for me I must admit but I am a strong woman and I keep pushing no matter how tough it gets. And I hope you all have the same positive spirit. Thank you all for the love and support so far and I hope to bring you more interesting posts and new developments this new yearimg_7623 Well I chose to wear this mini yellow dress with white cropped destroyed jeans. Wearing the dress only seemed boring so I added a pair of jeans beneath to give it a little bit more of style. What do you think? 

Share your thoughts with me in the comments section. Just click on the “Leave a comment” tab at the top of this post to drop a comment. You know I love reading from you all. Shopping links as usual at the bottom of this post. If you like what I’m wearing do not hesitate to like, comment and share. All social media links also are at the bottom.
img_7620Wishing myself a happy birthday again and stay glammed with MaMichoux Style and Fashion Blog. I am a working progress, we all should be. Be grateful for what you have but keep soaring higher. And as I always say, keep the smiles. A smile keeps everyone around you comfortable, brightens a dull day and may even take you places. Cherish your smiles.



What I’m wearing:

All clothing items, earrings and bag can be bought here

Christian Louboutin So Kates here. 



Hello Mamichoux Friends,

Happy Sunday to you all. Hope the weekend is ending well wherever you all are. It’s been a busy one for me but I can spare some time to finally put up this post we shot almost a month ago. 
They say you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you got. Trust me this week I understood that very clearly. Whatever you think you are going through, trust and believe there’s someone somewhere going through worse. So put yourself together and keep pushing. There’s much more to this life for real. My friend lost his mom and that made me very sad this week but then another friend had a baby after trying to conceive for so many years. You see life is just full of ups and downs. So take it as it comes.

Back to this post. Sheer/tulle clothes are so in this season. From dresses to bombers to tops, a sheer piece is what you should get. Patches and stickers on pieces are also top on the list this fall. I didn’t think too much about this outfit. It’s a very simple one fit for the busy streets. Because some of us aren’t so skinny we must wear with caution. After a baby or two, well some of us didn’t get back our pre-pregnancy belly hehehehehe. So be kind. I just always wear it with a smile.

Hope you leave some positive feedback on the comments section. Just click on the “Leave a comment” tab at the top of this post to comment. Links can be found at the bottom of the post.

Much love and have a wonderful week ahead. Try to stay positive and keep the smiles.



What I’m wearing:

Patch Tulle T-Shirt, Jeans and Bag can be found here. Sandals here. Rayban Sunglasses here.


Hello MaMichoux Friends,

A happy new week to you all and a happy new blog post welcomes you again to the blog. Hope your weekend was great and interesting. We had a longer weekend as today is a holiday here, so my week actually begins tomorrow. 

img_7187What is a wardrobe without a good hat? A simple plain outfit can be made to look chic or edgy with just a hat. This plain polka dotted dress suddenly feels sophisticated because of the red hat. I chose an old favorite necklace and gladiators to go with it. When buying gladiators that are high always go for leather ones. The feel on the feet and legs is just comfortable. Now ladies go grab some hats!

img_7192I’ll love to thank my fellow blogger sisters, Milly Styles, IrepCamer, Chicstylecheck, missblizzers, Marysfablife and Fabricsofcolor for our continuous love and support for each other. Thank you and together we can be better. We are better and grown. We can do more. Let’s always strive for peace and unity. And I have a few words of advice: except comes for you directly try as much as possible to ignore and move pass it. Pick your battles wisely. Not everything is worth replying to. Know your worth and when to clap back! Always remember “winners focus on winning, while losers focus on winners”

img_7180Links at the bottom. To leave a comment simply click at the top of this post on the “Leave a Comment” tab. I always love to read from you all. Hope you enjoy the smiles and the the pictures today. Wishing you all a happy week and don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything positive you think I can do or help with. Stay glammed.


All items I’m wearing were got here. Get Rayban sunglasses here. Many might be out of stock but dress(in cold shoulder style) and bag still available.


img_7004Hello Mamichoux Friends,

How are you all doing this very hour? Apart from the heat that’s killing us over here I’m good. Thinking of you guys wherever you may be. 

With the heat waves blowing over us here and the government sending emergency messages warning people to stay in doors if they don’t have to go out, one can only dare out in shorts. Wearing mini skirts and shorts is like tradition over here and no one blinks as they would in some other parts of the world. It seems like the shorter the better. Let’s just say cultures differ hein!

img_6991Hope you enjoy this top again. Just restyled it with the ankle straps and shorts. It was a pleasant shoot. Lemme say I look “hawt” ehhh! “Wink wink”

Drop a comment at the bottom and share if you like. Just click on the “leave a comment” tab at the top of this post. Sharing is caring ohh!

Much love from this end of the world. Piece of advice for today; some will love, some won’t. That’s part of life. You have to suck it up and keep pushing.  


Prints Are In!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

Have you ever just had fun doing something? Well just enjoy the smiles and warmth I’m sending your way today and scroll to the bottom and shop!

Thats all I have to say today! Did I add that you should get a pair of flared pants if you haven’t? Yeah they give you elongate days all day! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. Comments are very much welcomed. Just click on the “leave a comment” tab at the top of this post.

Much love from this end of the world. Keep the smiles only!

img_6965 img_6968 img_6969

What I’m wearing: Flared Pants. Off the shoulder top. Cross body bag.

Animal Printed!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

How are you all doing today? It’s been a few days since our last post and I just want to catch up. Feedback was awesome and I just want to thank you all for your love and support. I appreciate every share and comment. I have a lot of awesome posts and pictures coming your way. You will be blown away. Hope you have been keeping that positive energy going. It is so important to be in a good space and have people who encourage and support you around you. Let go of anything which isn’t helping you positively.

Today’s post is just your basic slit skirt(from TopShop) and with a printed top and Loubs! Yeah I know how uncomfortable these “So Kates” are to walk in but a fashionista must sustain some discomfort ehh! Forget the height and just get you a pair of good nude heels. They are a must have in every closet. Nudes practically work with any outfit.


13631484_10154337276129235_4031540618111238846_nHoping you enjoy the pictures and the smiles I send your way. I always carry a smile not because I am always happy but because smiling brings positive energy and keeps everyone around you comfortable and at ease. Lemme know what you think about the pictures by dropping a comment below. Click the comment tab at the top of this post to comment! 

Stay glammed and much love from me to you. Links to items at the bottom!


What I’m wearing: Christian Louboutin So Kate120mm. TopShop Skirt (similar).  Zara Top. Zara Clutch. H&M earrings (similar)


Hello MaMichoux Friends,

How are you doing today? The bad news circulating on the net these days is alarming. It’s almost hard to go through social media and not feel sad. I hope you all continue to stay strong and healthy. Life’s indeed short and should be lived to the fullest. Keeping you all in my thoughts!

Now to something nice and gorgeous. There’s a thing about polka dots that I can’t let go. I have all kinds of polka dot items. They are fun to style with bright colors. They calm the bright colors in your very bright outfit. Like these wide-leg high waist yellow pants look totally chic with this polka dot top. I chose to go with silver accessories  It was a beautiful evening and the sun was setting just in the back ground. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do. My triangular earrings were a 5$ pick from H&M. Cheap is sometimes gorgeous too! Always look keenly when you shop. There are tons of great stuff lying cheap somewhere so look carefully. Do you remember our pink suit shoot? Yeah if you do then you might remember this minaudière.If you like an item simply scroll to the bottom to find links to items or similar ones if sold out. You know sharing is caring. 

Wishing you all a happy midweek and do tell the ones you love how much you love them and also show them you love them. Too many young people dying these days. Make the most of the life you have. You got only one chance at it. Always carry a smile. Stay away from negativity and surround yourselves with people who uplift and empower you.

To drop a comment click on the comment tab at the top of this post. I love to know what you think. Sharing links also at the bottom. Next blog post coming up by the weekend.

Much love from this end of the world and stay healthy and glammed with MaMichoux.


What I’m wearing: Wide leg Zara pants (similar). Shoes (similar). Clutch. Polka dot top.  

Flared Up!

img_6224Hello MaMichoux Friends,

How are you all doing? We are back with some amazing shots and plenty of smiles as usual. I get to busy with work and my busy life. I hope I don’t go away again. Before we look at pictures, I just want to say with all the chaos going on in the world right now we should all try to have a few happy moments for ourselves. Lets all learn to live together peacefully despite our differences in opinions or religions. The world needs peace! I am tired of seeing innocent lives being lost daily on the media. Today it’s Germany my former home. I hope the families find peace and heal with time. It’s frightening to see another human take so many lives. Our leaders should do more on gun laws and security.

Chaos aside these asymmetric flared pants are so in! But I’m not so happy cos I got them for full price and now they are almost at 70% off! So get to the links at the bottom and maybe you can be lucky to grab one on the cheap cheap! Well off-shoulder blouses are everywhere this summer. You should get one if you haven’t. They are so effortlessly stylish and totally in trend.

Enjoy the pictures and kindly and honestly drop your comments below by clicking on the comment tab at the top of this post!

It’s full summer over here in Seoul. Temperatures at 32 degrees Celsius and above. What are you doing this summer?

Stay healthy, beautiful, happy, stay away from negativity and of course stay glammed. Pray for World Peace!


Buy items or similar through these links: Zara Studio Flared Pants, Strappy Sandals, Off-shoulder Top, Chain city croc Bag(In black).

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