Issa Green Valentine❤️

Hello MaMichoux friends,

Happy Valentine’s to all real and true lovers out there. I know this isn’t  the typical Valentine’s Day red look but who says it must be red huh? I am out here lonely and all but I am wishing every man and woman who genuinely loves to celebrate it. Every day should be Valentines’s Day in your lives. Not just on this day. Make sure she/he knows you love them every single day. Life is short. 

For those without Valentine’s just enjoy the pictures and hopefully by the next one you would have found one. There is nothing wrong being single. What matters is if you are happy. That said we all need some love in our lives at some point. So do not hesitate to fall in love. But make sure it is mutual though. Nothing as aching and hurtful as loving someone who doesn’t love you back as much. I always say that will just be managing lol. There’s no time for that!

You love the jumpsuit? Then drop a comment below. I love reading from you all. It was so cold while shooting this. You can see on my face. Talk of what doesn’t kill you huh! Thanks to all my loyal readers and fashionistas. I love you all and you are my Valentines.

Happy Val’s lovers


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