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Hello MaMichoux Friends,

Welcome to a brand new exquisite post from yours truly. But this post today is different. It’s filled with pain and frustration. Please take time to read and let’s think together.

It’s been a horrible week. With deaths and cries reaching far into the skies for the loved ones taken so tragically and abruptly by the train accident at Eseka, in Cameroon.

I am angry. I am disheartened. I am pained. My nation, a beautiful nation left to rot and disintegrate before our very eyes. Yet we kneel every night and pray hoping for a miracle with no work put in. The government has out rightly refused to develop the country or build any roads, or even upgrade the old, broken trains we use. Yet we go down on our knees each night to pray. What is a prayer for a man who isn’t ready to change? What is prayer for a government that only knows bribery and corruption? Yet we go down on our eyes every night in prayer hoping for a miracle.

My pain is deep, my anger even more. I hurt for the souls taken so horribly from this world. Taken by a government that doesnt give a shit about its people. 

I am angry and no prayer can heal or cure this anger. We need real solutions to these man made problems. We must find man made solutions to them. I believe that’s why God gave us brains and hands to work! Let’s work and pray and not just pray. Our leaders work for your people. Your people can’t fly abroad and get treated like you do. Your people can’t be evacuated when there’s an emergency like some have been. We need good hospitals for all. We are all equal. Basic health care is a human right.

Africa my continent, my mother wake up and build your countries. Wake up and work so our people don’t have to die like fowls. 

Fall in Love with your countries dear African leaders! 

I am angry. I am disheartened. I am pained. 


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