Lost but Found….!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

It feels so good to be here again. I have been gone way too long. How are you all doing? The festive season is around the corner. As you share presents and hugs, remember there are also millions with no one to show them love or give them presents. Make sure you show some love to an unhappy soul this Christmas. There’s much more to this life!

Enjoy this lost summer shoot we did but which never got to the blog. I’m currently battling very low temperatures and snow. Bear with me. But a great Christmas shoot is coming up soon. You would love it.

Got all items from ZARA sometime last year. Bag is from Charles & Keith. How do you like my flared jeans? And the hair? I just love me my wigs. I can wear any look I want and still go to bed with my real short nappy hair. Ladies get you some wigs this Christmas!! “wink”…..

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS and remember to make one sad person smile this season.

Love from Seoul.


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I am fashion. I am everything that’s fashionable. But it isn’t always about what you wear but how you wear it and most importantly how you carry yourself in it. Whatever it is you are wearing, wear with confidence. Presentation is everything.
Fashion may fade but style lasts forever.
I am Ma Michoux!

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