Flowers Found!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

A very happy New Year and Sunday to you all. Hope you are all well? I have been alright. A few problems here and there but I am still here with you all. Sorry about the absence of new posts. I haven’t had time to shoot with the cold and snowy weather. 

Enjoy this lost summer shoot I found. May flowers bloom in your lives as on this beautiful dress. Dress was bought from chic wish. I am certain they still have it. Sandals are an old pair from Zara along with the purse.

To my people of West Cameroon I say courage and continue to stand strong and the struggle for independence continues. The path to success isn’t a smooth one at all. There must be sacrifices and imprisonments. What matters is the end result!

Much love from the snowy Seoul.

Ma Michoux 


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I am fashion. I am everything that’s fashionable. But it isn’t always about what you wear but how you wear it and most importantly how you carry yourself in it. Whatever it is you are wearing, wear with confidence. Presentation is everything.
Fashion may fade but style lasts forever.
I am Ma Michoux!


  1. melissa | 10th Oct 17

    Just beautiful

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