Hello MaMichoux Readers,

Happy weekend to you guys. What have you been up to this weekend? Just treating you all to some “yellow fever”. I bet you never seen yellow look this good with red. I had a lot of fun in this outfit. Colorful, lively, interesting just like me.

Shoes from Christian Louboutin. Culottes, blouse and coat from Zara. Bag from Tory Burch. Earrings and rings from H&M. Wearing MAC makeup and the lipstick is MAC Ruby woo. Best red lipstick ever made I guarantee you!!

Enjoy my lovely smiles all over the pictures and kindly drop a comment below in the comments section. Yellow is the new black!

Have a fruitful new week ahead. Much love.


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I am fashion. I am everything that’s fashionable. But it isn’t always about what you wear but how you wear it and most importantly how you carry yourself in it. Whatever it is you are wearing, wear with confidence. Presentation is everything.
Fashion may fade but style lasts forever.
I am Ma Michoux!


  1. Abong | 10th Apr 17

    Gorgeous…I love it. Culottes are back in style.

    • Matt | 10th Apr 17

      thanks sis for stopping by. culottes are so in!!

  2. Melissa Boss | 10th Apr 17

    This is such a beautiful outfit mamichoux. wowwww u look so amazing!!

  3. Bella Mira | 10th Apr 17

    you are simply stunning!!! u r an inspiration Matt!!! I love it so much!!

  4. Miranda | 10th Apr 17

    Absolutely beautiful…luv it sis and u wear those colors wellllllll

    • Matt | 10th Apr 17

      Thanks my love😍😍😍 thx for visiting the blog too❤

  5. Emela | 10th Apr 17

    Skin color is milk milk. Beautiful

    • Matt | 10th Apr 17

      Sis u stopped by! Thanks love

  6. Kewrites | 11th Apr 17

    You glow in yellow Matt! Gorgeous

    • Matt | 11th Apr 17

      Thank u Kewan. Love it too

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