Hello MaMichoux Friends,

Welcome to another blog post from your favorite fashion blogger. Hope you all are doing just fine. The weather is getting warmer and hotter and off-shoulders are again back on the blog. 

Its been a while I wore a white outfit and this weather was just perfect for a white ensemble. Have you ever gone wrong with white? I am of the opinion that white or black outfits are the best when you are not sure of what to wear. These leaf earrings are a must have, Link below. What do you think? Well enjoy the pictures, share our posts and also leave a comment. I love reading from you all. Your moral support is essential to me. So keep them coming? What are your summer plans? Do not forget to follow us on our Facebook page. And also don’t hesitate to share your pictures with us. We are a brand set out to showcase every fashionista out there. So send us your pictures.

Get all the pieces I am wearing HERE. I wish you a fruitful week.

Much Love,


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I am fashion. I am everything that’s fashionable. But it isn’t always about what you wear but how you wear it and most importantly how you carry yourself in it. Whatever it is you are wearing, wear with confidence. Presentation is everything.
Fashion may fade but style lasts forever.
I am Ma Michoux!


  1. Rose Mary | 6th Jun 17

    The shoes for me ma sis

    • Matt | 8th Jun 17

      thanks sis

  2. chicstylecheck | 26th Jun 17

    I think this outfit is just perfect and those gold heels just win it for me.

    • Matt | 26th Jun 17

      U know zara made these heels in yellow some years ago and I wanted them so bad but guess what? Found them for over 200$ on ebay. Luckily for me they remade them! Those people should eat their yellow ones now make I see🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • chicstylecheck | 26th Jun 17

        Ehhh 🤣😂👏 and make them swallow it well well. So glad you found them because they are perfect and your styling of them was onpoint 👌

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