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Hello MaMichoux Friends,

Welcome to the end of another week and to a brand new post. How is your weekend going? Mine was very cold, quiet and sort of boring to be honest. Well with this outfit it just got better and interesting I assume.

Today I want to encourage anyone going through a hard time to not give up. You must SHINE on. I have gone through the worst things ever since I left home in 2006 to live abroad. I might just end of writing a book about my experiences. I never once let it beat me. I always got up after falling. I am not where I want to be but I am also not where I use to be. The road to success or happiness is rocky and treacherous. You will cry and wish yourself dead sometimes but you can never give up. That’s where the difference lies between achievers and losers. Achievers fall but rise again. Losers fall and stay down. So pick a side!

Enjoy the beautiful pictures. Sequins are in! Don’t be scared to SHINE! Love the blazer dress? Drop a comment below with your thoughts. I love reading from you. Everything I am wearing was purchased here. My earrings are on sale now for $1 at H&M. Most may be out of stock though. I wish you a beautiful and fruitful week ahead.

Stay focused!


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I am fashion. I am everything that’s fashionable. But it isn’t always about what you wear but how you wear it and most importantly how you carry yourself in it. Whatever it is you are wearing, wear with confidence. Presentation is everything.
Fashion may fade but style lasts forever.
I am Ma Michoux!


  1. Betty | 29th Jan 18

    Aaaaaawwwww yes life abroad is definitely tough, I bet everyone has a story to tell. Writing a book about your life abroad would be a great read. Now let me talk about your oufit😊. Your blazer dress is a must have, all sparkly. I love the boot, black is such a nice color. Have a great week my darl.

    • Matt | 29th Jan 18

      Thanks for visiting the blog babe. Life can really be hard for new comers abroad. This blazer dress is lit! Thanks again

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