About Me!

Hello mamichoux-nistas,

img_8358Well well, my name is Martha and I am a fashion “junkie”. Looking good and classy has always been me! I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t like this. 

I must admit here I inherited my fashion sense from my mother, although she’s now older and is no longer the fashionista she was while young but I have seen so many pictures of her while she was young and may the gods of fashion be praised she had the cutest mini skirts and wide leg pants I have ever seen, and the most gorgeous pairs of clogs too. One day I may just share some of those pictures with you…..

My siblings have always known me to be the fashionista one and my sister practically encouraged me to start this blog. I always have known how to buy just the cutest things and also wear them. I will say one is born with a sense of fashion. My style is classy, chic with a small touch of sexy to it. I also love fashionable jewelry, bold necklaces! Not to mention shoes, I think I’m crazy about shoes!

I am a mother and nurse by profession and I am hoping to start my own clothing line one day. I hope you will be there when that happens. 

My strongest believe is never judge a person, and never look down on anyone. Live life as if were your last day and love as you have never loved before. We got just one life to live so why waste it. It is a blessing to be alive. I am a  fashion believer! Why waste a minute looking lame huh…”smiles”

I hope you follow me on this journey and be a part of it.

Much love from the beautiful City of Seoul


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