Fashion Bloggers You Should Know!

Hello MaMichoux friends,

How are you all doing today? You know there are many of us out there in the fashion business world and I have quite a few who stick out for me from Cameroon. There are many of them but I picked out the few I know and like. As I said these are fashion bloggers only. More features coming with other bloggers from different areas. 

In no order here are my favorite picks, more to come:

First is Idylle Warke, a young and vibrant Cameroonian living in the United Kingdom. Her smile always captivates me and her vibrant sense of style is just unique. She also blogs about trends and lifestyles. Her blog is



Next, we have another beautiful and stylish lady called Hariette Ako, living in L.A, USA. Her style is simple, yet chic. She always gives me that street style chic, everyday kinda look! Love her. Her blog is 


Then I have Miss Sophisticated. She’s no other but Lily, living in the USA. She represents sophistication and chic. She got the most beautiful legs and she sure knows how to wear them. She’s lunching a skincare beauty line soon called BrightenMi. Wish her much luck. Love her lots. Heres her blog 
img_2034 img_2035

Next up is the beautiful Hilda Ngelo, also living in the United Kingdom. She’s also Miss chic and classy. She’s always updating me on fashion shows and pictures of what the stars are wearing. Also update us on lifestyles and health. Very current and trendy lady. Love her chic and simple style. Here’s her blog 


Next up is the one and only HotJem. Her name is Mbole Ekaney and she’s the brain behind the blog Her style is simple. She blogs about everything from fashion to music to lifestyles. Love her and make sure you check out her blog! She’s great.

Next up is the beautiful and very popular Brenda Chuinkam. Based in Canada. She’s a lover of African print and she got mad curves. She wears print like no other and has all the latest styles and designs you may think of. She works at Zuvaa. An online platform that sells african print designs from designers worldwide. Check out her blog and see for yourselves, at beaskinnybish.


Here comes my amazing mom blogger like me Milly Mira. I love her more because she can conveniently manage work, family and the world of fashion blogging. She always gives the most amazing ideas when it comes to dress up and costumes. She also has amazing fashionable pictures for kids. Check out her blog and see for yourselves, millystyles.

Finally to crown it all is my girl all the way from the USA Kumase Mercy. When I was about to start blogging she gave me some valuable advice. So she holds a special place in my heart. And to crown it all we both share the same birthday! Isn’t that such a coincidence! Her style is so funky and dark and intriguing. She always serves it chic and hot. She’s my pearl. She crowns this post because she’s that good! Sending you much love today and those who know her know why. 

img_2087 img_2088

Hope you all enjoyed reading all about my favorite fashion bloggers. Share with me your favorites and I’ll feature them on the next post. 

Much love from Seoul


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