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How are you all doing? I am hoping in good health. We have been away for minute, which is unfortunate but be rest assured we will be back with the usual fashion posts soon.

Today I have chosen to shine more light on a young powerful lady who has been very influential in the entertainment blogging circle for a long time. She’s no other person than the lovely and intelligent Yefon Mainsah.

img_3456A beautiful and intelligent woman makes an even stronger woman! Yefon is all that and more. Lets start with a little biography: 

Miss Mainsah is from Nso, in the North West of Cameroon. She studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada with a Bsc. in chemical engineering and is a Completions Engineer with 12 years of experience around the world in Operations, Sales & Marketing and Business Development. She is also Co-Founder & Consultant at The Business Corner. She is well known in the Cameroon entertainment scene because she runs one of the best blogs in the industry, IRepCamer which has been running since April 2009. She calls herself a Creative Junkie because she loves Music, Film, Photography, Art & Fashion. She is Afropolitan and volunteers in various organizations/initiatives related to Women, Culture,Education & Development. She recently moved back to Cameroon and is a self employed Business Development and Marketing Consultant.

img_3474Why we love Yefon? First she’s very involved in the entertainment industry and promotes lots of up coming artists, models, entrepreneurs and designers usually for free on her blog and Facebook page. She represents Cameroon all the time. She’s smart and cool headed. I have watched her over the past few years and can proudly and confidently say she’s a woman to reckon with and know! She won’t hesitate to give you constructive criticism or a positive opinion on any topic. Visit her blog to read all about her and what she’s passionate about. If you want to promote your brand, Yefon is your go to person! She’s good at what she does. 

img_3454Below you can find all links to her various social media profiles and her email. Hope you enjoyed reading about her and don’t hesitate to email us about any concerns or features. We will love to feature you next.

Blog: IRepCamer

Facebook Page: IRepCamer

Facebook Profile: Yefon Mainsah

Twitter: @IRepCamer


img_3451                                                 (Picture taken by

Much love from the beautiful city of Seoul.


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