Welcome To The Blog!


Hello fashion lovers and welcome to my world!

It’s been a long time coming and I am so delighted and excited about starting this journey with you all. For many years I thought of starting this blog but due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn’t. I somehow felt I wasn’t ready and kept dragging my feet and this idea along. I sometimes thought maybe I am not beautiful enough or well equipped enough for this. I even thought maybe people won’t like my style but once I got the confidence that it’s all about how I feel and how confident I am about myself I decided it was about time!! I feel ready and prepared to embark on this fashion trip with you now. I hope you enjoy my little pieces and my style. Fashion is what you make of it and here I make mine.

This is basically me pouring my heart out to the world in the fashion sense, my sort of fashion expression! 

I would be sharing with you pictures of my personal styles and the clothes I love to wear. And also styling tips and links to where you can get the things I wear. I am not rich so I try to get what I can afford, and who says it’s about the price tag anyway! It’s about looking good and feeling good in your look! That’s how I see it. 



For those who know me they won’t be surprised that I did this. I have always been a little fashionista growing up. Looking good matters to me and as always been a part of me. And I have to encourage everyone reading through this to know it’s never too late to start up anything. Only you can stop you!

Please leave a comment or send an email about anything regarding this. I would love to read from you all.



Hope you enjoy my blog and much love from the beautiful city of Seoul



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