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Hello MaMichoux readers,

How are you all doing today fashionistas? I’m hoping and praying everyone reading this blog is in great health and form. That’s my wish for you all! I’m sorry for being away these days! Just work and more work! Promise to post more from now on…..

Today’s blog post is about yellow hues or colors! I call yellow the color of happines! Personally yellow is one of my favorite colors but I don’t really own a lot of yellow clothes or shoes or accessories! Strange huh! I’m just realizing that myself! But the ones I own I try to wear them in various ways to make it look as though I actually do own a lot…. smiles.  Today I’m wearing these straight cut mid-rise, woven fabric trousers with a white sleeveless top and yellow blazer! paired with white and yellow accessories. This is an easy look to recreate! These are colors and items found in every shop and everywhere! I’m sure you all have these already in your closets!

This brings me to today’s topic, matching and mixing colors! I could wear this blazer(links to buy at the bottom) in so many different ways! I last wore this blazer actually to an event with a white shirt, red bow tie, dark blue ankle pants and red heels! I had a red bag too! It looked so beautiful and chic I must admit. Got tons of compliments that night! (Might just share that picture with you soon).


This is to say you can wear bright colors like these on cooler tones like dark blue, camel, white or black! This gives your look some vibrance without necessarily overpowering it or you! For some of us who find it hard to wear many bright colors!

A yellow skirt with a white or camel top would look great! Or a striped top! Yellow is one color I love to wear with stripes! It’s also a good combination with lilac or pink! If you are the bold type!

Or maybe just as an accessory!! Add a yellow belt, necklace or earrings to a white outfit or on a white and black combo to make it pop! Or a yellow bag or scarf over blue jeans for some highlights! You can also make a boring neutral outfit  pop and exciting by wearing yellow shoes! This is just one color you gotta own! You can’t go wrong! Throw a yellow striped top over your everyday skinny jeans with a pair of heels and you are ready for the night out!!


Did you like today’s tips? Then try them out and don’t hold back now! Send me your pictures and I will put them up on the blog!

I have been your girl from my beautiful city of Seoul! I will be back with this same outfit in another variation! I am great at combos trust me!

Remain fabulously styled


Buy pants here, Buy blazer here or similar here, Buy shoes here

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