Stephanie Tum Stuns in Latest Photos!

Hello MaMichoux Friends,

Welcome to another fashion feature on our blog. It’s been a long time since we featured someone who is doing something amazing with their life and also a fashion bombshell. You know our blog is first of all a fashion blog. From now on we will do a monthly feature so watch out for our next guest. When choosing someone to feature we have to make sure that person is also a fashion influencer like this lady right here. These exclusive pictures will definitely tell you she’s a fashionista at heart. We are happy she chose our blog to bring these photos and new look to you all. My eyes have been well fed today!

If you are frequently on social media then you must know this name, Stephanie Tum. She is not only very beautiful but she’s also a smart woman and mother. One thing I like about her is her honest attitude. She doesn’t take lightly to nonsense and she says it as it is. If you know me, then you know she is my kind of lady. Also her red carpet looks are always top and classy. Not to talk of these hot pictures. We have never seen her like this before. This is a complete new look. Tomboy style I’ll say. She’s always been the dress type but this LOOK is giving me all kinds of lives. We are loving this new Steph!

I had a chat with Steph and this is what she had to say about herself.

Q: Tell me about yourself. Who is Stephanie Tum?

A: My name is Stephanie Tum and I am a Cameroonian Actress and an upcoming Producer. I hail from the North West Region of Cameroon I did my first movie in 2005 and since then I have done a couple of other movies. But my breakthrough movie was Pink Poison produced by Agbor Gilbert Ebot in 2011. I was very sketchy in the industry because of work and family but I am coming back full time in the industry as an Actress/ Producer, working on my upcoming projects and also preparing for the next movie I will feature in. Watch this space for a whole lot of projects coming up. Thanks.

Q: Tell me one thing people may not know about you?

A: I wouldn’t really know but I guess people are always surprised when I tell them I have 2 kids and the first is 12 years

Q: What do you think should be improved in the Cameroon entertainment industry?

I think at this stage in the industry we should focus on improving our arts and be more proactive and do things ourselves without always waiting for sponsors before we realise projects. If we want the industry to grow we have to make the necessary sacrifices and put out quality products.

Here are some eye catching and glamorous photos of Steph for you all. Loving the legs! Your team did some great work here. I am totally in love with these photos.

Watch out for this powerful lady right here and follow her throw the following link. She just created her official Facebook page. There you will find all updates about what she’s doing. Go follow her today! 

Facebook Link:

It was great having you on Steph. Wishing you all the best in your future projects. We cannot wait to see what you are currently producing. 



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